Progress Report

Demolishing distressed properties is vital to the safety and quality of life in Jackson’s neighborhoods. Oftentimes it is significantly cheaper than rehabilitating them. To learn what a distressed property is, scroll down the page or click here.

Status of Cases

Below is the status for all the cases that have been opened since June 1, 2011. If you would like to know more about the condemnation process, please see the Condemnation Timeline on the About page.

Currently Condemned Currently Pending Demolition Total Demolished

Savings of Demolishing

Oftentimes, the cost of demolishing a home is a significantly lower cost than rehabilitating it. This is due to the fact that condemned homes are at the point where they are uninhabitable. Every dollar spent demolishing a home is saving the city six.

Total Demolition Cost to City when Property Demolished Projected Rehabilitation Cost if Property not Demolished

Why Rehabilitate Or Demolish Distressed Property?

The City of Jackson condemns, and may demolish, buildings to improve the city for those who live here. Buildings that are condemned are often on distressed properties. Distressed properties pose a liability to their residents. Many are structurally unsound and are not safe to live in. Even if they look fine on the outside, they often have damaged interiors that pose dangers to the community. Distressed properties attract crime, like vandalism, drug activity, prostitution, and arson. They also cause other properties in their proximity to depreciate in value. Distressed properties increase insurance premiums, lower resale value, and contribute to a poor quality of life.